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Painting Deck Spindles
Did you know you can paint your Deck Spindles straight from the box? No drying and cracking or the paint peeling from wet lumber. Best Deck Railing Products are Kiln Dried and Machined After Treatment.
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We have 400 different variations of spindles styles, turnings, lengths  and dimensions.  Spindles, also known as balustrades, can come plain or with decorative turnings.


We think it's best if you start with the dimensions of the spindle base: 2x2, 2x3, 3x3 or our big boys- 4x4


After you decide on the base dimension, determine the design of the spindle. Every base dimension has four or more options.


This will take you to the shopping cart. There you can choose turning styles, lengths, cedar or pressure treated, and quantity.

2 X 2 Wood Deck Railing Spindles 2 X 3 Wood Deck Railing Spindles 3 X 3 Wood Deck Railing Spindles 4 X 4 Wood Deck Railing Spindles



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A word about our dimensions and sizes for all Spindles...

  • The length is actually 1/4 inch short of the listed length. 
    For example, a 24" length will actually be 23 & 3/4" long.
  • The base dimensions of a 2" x 2" are actually 1 3/8" by 1 3/8"
  • The base dimensions of a 2" x 3" are actually 1 3/8" by 2 1/8"
  • The base dimensions of a 3" x 3" are actually 2" by 2"
  • The base dimensions of a 4" x 4" are actually 3 3/8" by 3 3/8"

Want to Paint Your Spindles or Balusters?

Yes!  You can paint our spindles and balusters.

Many folks don’t realize that if you want to paint your spindles or balusters, you can save some money by going with our pressure treated kiln dried after treatment over cedar. 

Our pressure treated spindles and balusters are kiln dried after treatment.  That means not a lot of bleeding from the pressure treatment when painting your balusters or spindles.

Our spindles are clear, so you won’t have any knots. 

Not only pressure treated spindles and balusters sold by many of the big box stores are kiln dried, so they are not good candidates for painting.

S&L Spindles have a real smooth finish; you won’t have to spend hours sanding it smooth, so painting is easy and the finish product looks great.

For an even sharper look, do what some of our other customers have and paint different parts of the spindle or baluster in different colors to accent the piece.

For example, paint the balls black and the rest of the spindle white.


How to install deck spindles:

  1. Cut your top and bottom handrail to length.
  2. Lay them side by side.
  3. Mark your handrail for your spindle spacing using your framing square, mark both pieces of handrail so they are both marked the same. For bottom handrail place your spindle on the top of the handrail and drive your screw in from the bottom. For top handrail place your spindle on bottom of handrail and drive your screw in from the top.
  4. When you have your spindles attached to your handrail, then you are ready to fasten handrail to deck post.

When shopping for the best spindle, make sure that they have a smooth turning and have no splits.   The Spindles from S&L are treated with a non arsenic application and can easily be painted.  Painting spindles?  A good tip is to put a good primer on the spindle.  You can cover the grain, the texture or any small hairline cracks first so the paint will last longer and you'll have a much better looking spindle when you are down.


Our wooden fences pickets are a full 3/4 inch thick and kiln dried after treatment.  What you buy at a big box store is thinner and made with rough lumber.  Our wooden fence pickets are a notch above others because they are thicker and kiln dried.  Customers ask "How Soon can I stain my handrail or preserve on it?"   To help maintain the natural color, put preserve on it as soon possible.  You may have heard that you have to wait to preserve it.  But since our handrails are already kiln dried, you can apply the stain or preserve right away.  Our handrails are already dry so you can stain in right away.

Advice on decks railings.

What kind of spindles to use on a high end deck railing?  The most popular spindle for decks railing is colonial style, in pressure treated or for a better look use a cedar colonial spindle. The smooth finish on our spindles gives your deck railing a better look; it's sleeker, more professional and just looks like a better quality. To assemble your decks railings, we recommend to use a lattice strip to pre-assemble your spindles, now slide your handrail on top and fasten from the bottem. Doing this will avoid exposed screw holes. Consider the appearance of your house. Example;  A rustic style house will look the best with 6X6 cedar porch posts for your decks railings.