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Painting Deck Spindles
Did you know you can paint your Deck Spindles straight from the box? No drying and cracking or the paint peeling from wet lumber. Best Deck Railing Products are Kiln Dried and Machined After Treatment.
Deck spindle spacing calculator


Deck Railings

What is a deck railing?

Many customers are puzzled when they find out that very few people sell a full deck railing.

A deck railing actually is the assembly of several different pieces.


Deck Railing Codes:  The openings between a balusters or spindles have to be narrow enough so you could not fit a 4" ball between.  If you can fit a 4" ball between the openings, then spaces are too big and will not meet most code requirements, and have to put your spindles closer together.

If you are doing your deck railing, you will need:  top hand rail, bottom hand rail (interchangeable), spindles (also known as Balusters), and lattice strips.  


A Typical 6 feet long Deck Railing (the most common size) consists of:

Deck Railing Spindles
Deck Railing Handrails
Deck Railing Post Caps

Fastener Hardware
Fastener Hardware


A Typical 8 feet long Deck Railing (the most common size) consists of:

Deck Railing Spindles
Deck Railing Handrail
Deck Railing Post Caps
Fastener Hardware
Fastener Hardware


To create your own customized deck railing begin by selecting which style you like from the following parts:

Deck Railing Spindles
Deck Railing Handrails
Deck Railing Post Caps


Best Deck Railing Products sells all the components needed for a complete deck railing and outdoor stair railings.   The only thing we don’t sell at this time is the fastener hardware from a place like Home Depot.



Our very best advice on installing deck railing:

How to Install Handrail Sections

  1. Cut top and bottom handrail and 1 - 3/8" x 1 1/2" lattice strip fit between post.
  2. Fasten Balusters to bottom handrail, using screws or nails from bottom of handrail up into baluster, (spaced 3 3/4" inches between balusters).
  3. Fasten 3/8" x 1 1/2" Lattice strip to top of balusters, using screws or nails, spaced same as bottom.  (put at least 2 fasteners in each baluster so the baluster cannot turn.)
  4. Put top handrail over Lattice strip and fasten with short screws from bottom up.
  5. Place handrail section between post, then pre-drill handrail into post.  Use 3" screws to fasten handrail to post, or use handrail mounting bracket.

Handy Tips:

On 6' Rail Section, you will need approximately 14 balusters or spindles depending on diameter of spindle.

Put bottom handrail groove down.  (Same as top handrail)

What length spindle do I need for deck railing height for code requirements? 


We hear this all the time.  Our best answer: When using handrail top and bottom a 32" spindle is needed to get to a 36" rail height.  If you need a 42" rail height, you'll need to buy our 36" spindles. 

How to Fasten you Deck railing section to the post:

There are 3 Choices. 

Choice 1) Buy a small metal bracket a Home Depot and our recommended

Choice 2) is to use and end board because the bottom handrail is not the same as the top handrail.  

Choice 3) is to toe screw the handrail into the post after you have pre dilled the holes


How many balusters do I need for my deck railing?

Total length

89 inches

Balusters with no turnings


Openings between balusters

3 3/4"

Add the width of one baluster

1 3/8"


5 1/8"

Total length divided by space

89  /  5 1/8

Total # of balusters needed



How many Spindles do I need for my deck railing?

If you are using Spindles, make sure you calculate the turned area of each spindle, we can be up to 1/2 " on each side for a 2x2.

So your space between spindles would be 2 3/4 plus 1 3/8".  So your total space 4 1/8".  Total length 89 inches divided by 4 1/8" or 21 Spindles.



Just a thought for your porch deck..... 

Keep in mind that a 32" spindle will result in a 36" porch deck railing with the top and bottom hand rail included. To get an expensive looking porch deck, consider using cedar spindles with an octagon turning shape. To build a strong and sturdy porch deck railing, also consider using 2X6 hand rail and 4X4 spindles. We recommend a semi-transparent stain for your spindles, applied the sooner the better. 

Can I build my own deck railings?

People often ask. "Can I build my own deck railings?" The amswer most times is yes! If you can run a basic power tool, you quailify to build deck railings.  Our spindles are cut to the lenth you order. However, sometimes you may need to cut the handrail or railing when you install it. Most do-it-yourself hobbiests' will build deck railings on a flat surface and then after the handrails are cut to lenth the will simply screw it to the porch post or deck post. This can be done by standing the handrails up and position them on the previously determined area and then secure them to the post with screws.