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Dare to compare!             VS.                Big Box Stores
Products from
  • Buying direct is always the best option
  • Our products are hand-picked before shipping
  • Our #2 products will often match their #1 products.
  • How do we know this? We manufacture their spindles.
  • We have four turning options for every lenth and size.

2x2x36 Classic

Box Store #1…..$2.19

Box Store #2….$1.98


Products from Big Box Stores


from $1.29

2 x 3 Discount Spindles

from $0.89
from $6.62
Finials and Post Caps
from $0.95
from $2.82
from $4.01
from $0.53
Please call 717.692.2159 for pricing.
from $0.53 / lineal foot
Stair Treads
from $12.95
Mail Box Posts
from $25.79
Lamp Posts
from $35.28
Porch Posts
from $27.05
 Grade Stakes
from $0.15 a piece
Newel & Deck Posts
from $17.81

Base Trim

from $1.97

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